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Access Control

Enable seamless and secure property access for residents, staff and visitors across a full range of properties - all from your own branded web portal or app.

For Residents


24/7 Control

Manage visitors and remotely lock and unlock your front door using the Smart Residence app.

Video Connectivity

Utilize smart doorbells and video intercoms to have full traceability of visitors, and better manage deliveries.

Fully Traceable

Know exactly when your home was accessed and by whom, with customizable access record tracking.

For Managers


Cost Savings

Cut the need for spending on lock and key replacements as well as third party access management providers, through implementing smarter access control.

Staff Efficiency

Eliminate the need for late night callouts for staff to deliver replacement keys to residents, or to let it visitors and delivery staff.

Account Management

Easily create and remove separate access accounts with varying restrictions to differentiate between guests, staff and visitors on both a full time and temporary basis.

Generate property access, without the need for internet connection

Smart Locks on the Tuya Residential platform are able to generate One Time Passwords (OTP’s) so that visitors won’t need to download an app, nor be connected to Wi-Fi if they need to access the property.

Manage Visitors

Provide full control to residents and managers over who comes and goes, whether it be friends, family or the dog walker – they can choose from a range of both temporary and permanent access solutions through the Smart Residence app and Web Platform.
Mobile Access

Allow your residents to control their locks using the mobile app, with the ability to send both temporary and permament access codes to visitors via sms or email.

Time-Based Access

Set scheduled access restrictions for visitors who come for short periods or on regular intervals, such as cleaning staff or babysitters.

Complete Reporting

Property managers and residents will have full visibility of how long the visitors were at the property for, and at what time they arrived and left.

Stay Informed

Keep on top of your property access and security with live updates from all doors across the building.

View the battery life and opening records of all locks and choose to either manually lock or unlock from the web platform; or alternatively set time limitations to automatically restrict access to certain doors such as the gym or office outside of opening hours.

Your Complete Platform

Whether you or your clients are managing a handful of separate apartments or a full portfolio of multifamily properties, SmartLife Residential’s management offers total control and visibility, all from one place.

Your trusted platform is there anytime, anywhere – Remotely manage your properties from around the world with just your smartphone or laptop.

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