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Asset Protection

Protect your property while providing residents and staff with total pieces of mind.

Damage Prevention

Protect your residents, property, and wallet whilst maintaining complete peace of mind through the installation of a range of connected IoT sensors and thermostats.

Utilize water leak sensors in areas prone to overflowing, such as toilets, washing machines and dish washers to stay on top of any damage through immediate notifications.

Halt the onset of damp and mold through smart thermostats and humidity sensors, that will support you in better informing your residents as per how to protect their homes.

How It Works

Act fast and protect your property

1. Sensor is Triggered

Our platform detects an issue such as gas leaks, water leaks, or break-ins via a range of connected sensors.

2. Notification Received

Residents get a notification on the Smart Residence app or via SMS that there has been unexpected activity.

3. Take Action

Simultaneously, property managers will receive the notification via the web platform and act accordingly.

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