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Smart Voice Solutions

Alexa Built-in Solution

Voice entrance can be everywhere, voice abilities can do everything.

The perfect fusion of Alexa and IoT

Smartlife Alexa voice solution is the best practice for the perfect fusion of Alexa and IoT. This solution can realize the smart home control of Smartlife IoT while realizing the convenient intelligent voice interaction of Alexa. Based on this solution, developers can quickly build Alexa voice into different IoT products, launch innovative voice products, and improve customers' product experience. According to different application scenarios, Smartlife provides two sets of solutions, AVS (Alexa voice Service) and AFI (AVS for IoT).
AVS is powerful and can support screen applications and Spotify music services.
AFI is more suitable for lightweight IoT screenless products with lower cost, but does not support speaker applications such as Spotify music and MRM (Multi-Room Music).


Far-field Speech

Supports 3-meter far-field voice interaction, and has built-in industry-leading voice front-end denoising and wake-up word algorithms, which can clearly recognize voice in complex scenes.

Global Multilingual

Supports 9 major languages including English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

Rich Music and Skills

Support Pandora, Amazon music, iHeartradio and other mainstream music. Support more than 100,000 Alexa skill applications such as news, encyclopedia, alarm clock, etc.

Low Cost and Small Size

The single-chip solution minimizes the cost and size of the overall hardware, can be integrated into a compact space product, and provides a very competitive voice module price.

Perfect Integration of IoT

Built-in Smartlife IoT link capability, supports intelligent control of APP and cloud, and can be interconnected with Powered by Tuya products.

Meet Amazon Certification

Modules comply with Amazon's certification specifications and meet testing requirements for safety, acoustics, interaction, functionality, and music. One-stop service for product design, pre-testing and certification support.

Voice Infrared Gateway Application Scenario


Alexa Far-field Voice Interaction

Built-in Alexa voice interaction, support 18 languages, mainstream music, 10W+ voice skills.

Infrared Device Control

Rich infrared code library, support 5600+ brands, 2W+ remote control code.

Rapid Mass Production

Provide SOC development-free firmware and peripheral circuit reference design, which can realize the rapid implementation of products.

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